Kyiv, Ukraine

Parametric Skyscrapers Design [Basics of High-Rise Parametric Design]

October 7-8, Kyiv, Ukraine

The workshop is designed to cover applications of basic, intermediate and advanced computational design techniques for re-inventing skyscraper design.


The 2-day intensive workshop for architects and designers will delve into computational & parametric methods (using Rhino3D & Grasshopper3D) to create systemic design models for architectural design of skyscraper. Advanced Design Tools such as Environmental Analysis for high-rise buildings will also be integrated in the studio, along with presentation and documentation of the design process.

Workshop is designed as a 2-day event comprising of technical tutorials, teaching sessions, design critics, design documentation methods, presentations, submission panel preparations and design exercises culminating in a critical discussion about computational design and its future potentials, pertaining to high-rise developments.

The 2-day workshop shall focus on inculcating the following aspects as a part of syllabus:

• Parametric & Computational Design Methods

• Skyscraper Design Tool-set

• Environmental Analysis (Basics)

• Façade and Building Skin Design

• 3D Model optimization

• Documentation and Presentation

Technical Sessions & Teaching Methodology

Technical sessions will be provided to give an insight to computation, algorithms and parametric design methodologies to students & professionals. Digital experimentations using computational techniques (primarily Rhino3D + Grasshopper) will initiate the discourse, followed by technical sessions, theoretical discussions and presentations.

Workshop is structured to teach participants the use of computational techniques through Grasshopper® (Generative modeling plug-in for Rhino®) and ways to integrate it with architectural & structural systems for skyscraper design.

The workshop is curated in the form of a design studio with collective learning than mere software sessions. Software form a part of the tool-set that is inculcated in the 3-day studio sessions.

Workshop Schedule


• Presentations / Lectures on Parametric Design & Computational Thinking
• Introduction to Rhinoceros 3D – GUI & Basic Use
• Grasshopper GUI & Basic Functionality
• Exploration of Patterns, Geometries and Surface Tessellations


• Patterns & Geometric Explorations – Advanced
• Releasing of pre-designed tools (Grasshopper scripts) to all participants
• Functionality of tools for Skyscraper Design
• Design development (in teams or individual)
• Advanced Toolkit on Environmental Design


Sushant Verma

Sushant Jai-Amita Verma is a Design Entrepreneur, Architect, Computational Designer & Educator, currently leading rat[LAB] Studio (Research in Architecture and Technology) that investigates intersections of design, art & technology through architecture, interior design and art installations. He holds a Masters Degree in Emergent Technologies & Design from Architectural Association, London and is a former architect at Zaha Hadid Architects, London & a Sr. Editor at Arch2O. He is the founder of rat[LAB] EDUCATION, which is an initiative to spread the idea of computation in design through independently-organized design workshops for profession and academia.

Conditions & Workshop Tickets

All international participants must check visa eligibility rules as per their local embassies and request for necessary documents.
Organizers will provide invite letter, registration documents and will assist in securing accommodation to all visiting students.
Travel and Accommodation costs are to be borne by each participant themselves, if required.
Teaching language is English.
According to the results each participant will receive a final diploma of training.
Basic 3D modeling skills in any software are preferred (previous knowledge of Rhino3D is not obligatory).
Participants should bring their own laptop with pre-installed software.
NOTE: Grasshopper does not fully function on Rhino for MAC. A windows-enabled laptop is necessary.


195 USD (including taxes and service charge)

Only 20 places in the group


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