Wallpapers Novelionature – Innovative Solution for Modern Interior


ADFORS Saint-Gobain is one of the world’s leading manufacturers of fiberglass coatings. Using its 50 years of experience in the development and implementation of the latest technologies for the production of technical fabrics, ADFORS Saint-Gobain offered the market of finishing materials products that have changed their view of modern building solutions.

ADFORS is the undisputed industry leader with its unique industrial complex, located on 11 production sites, its own R&D centers, a team of highly qualified specialists and managers. ADFORS is part of Saint-Gobain, one of the largest international manufacturers of reinforcing materials for the construction of residential and commercial buildings, as well as paving. The concern has more than 190 thousand employees in 64 countries of the world.

One of the most popular and sought after products of the company is a line of high-strength, durable and at the same time aesthetically attractive wallpapers – ТМ ADFORS NOVELIO. Wallpaper ADFORS NOVELIO is based on fiberglass textiles and is a universal solution for any type of room, including rooms with heavy traffic and increased fire safety requirements, such as schools, offices, medical facilities and any commercial facilities. A variety of canvas textures and a color palette make it possible to use the ADFORS NOVELIO line of wallpapers not only in terms of efficiency and reliability, but also as an excellent design solution for a modern residential and public space.

The use of ADFORS NOVELIO wallpaper has a number of unconditional advantages both during construction work and throughout the entire period of operation:

– resistant to physical stress (shock, abrasion);

– designed for any type of cleaning, including wet cleaning with detergents;

– in the production of wallpaper material, more than 90% of natural raw materials are used, which eliminates the ingress of volatile organic compounds into the room air;

– have high economic efficiency, due to the long term of operation (a guarantee for the fading of the color of wallpaper – 30 years);

– provides a simple and inexpensive installation technology during construction;

– A wide assortment line of 4 catalogs (more than 75 types) allows you to solve any problem of translating creative ideas into interior design.

The company Caponier-Group, the official distributor of TM ADFORS NOVELIO in Ukraine, offers a collection of wallpapers with a variety of textures and colors. For more information, please visit http://novelionature.com or contact Mr. Vladimir Nastaulov on mail novelio@caponier.com.ua