Architecture of the Future is 1 year


It’s our first special date. We are 1. For businesses with a large history, this is a small date, but for us, a new architectural conference it is a big deal.

April 2, 2018 is the official starting point, though I have been cherishing the idea of the conference over the past few years.

On October 4-5, 2018, we held our first event. For a new, unknown conference it was not easy to gather over 20 speakers from the UK, the Netherlands, Italy, Denmark, Poland and other countries, as well as 700 guests from 18 countries in Eastern Europe, Turkey, UAE, but we did it.

Now we have a desire to move forward and make even cooler and larger event. In 2019, we want to gather 2,000 people in one place. Purposeful, hungry for new knowledge, those who want to look into the future of architecture, who want to meet and communicate with like-minded people as you are.

For now, we are doing our best to bring interesting, extraordinary speakers. Each is a world-class specialist in his field. Artificial intelligence and machine learning, design of housing on Earth and other planets, virtual and augmented reality in architecture, zero energy consumption architecture.

We are doing a 3-day conference – every day is devoted to one big topic with presentations and discussions of internationally recognized architects:
1. The Future of Cities.
2. The Future of Spaces on Earth and Other Planets.
3. Inevitable Technologies.

Welcome to Kyiv!

Tania Kolchanova,
Founder, Head of Marketing
Architecture of the Future