Architects should design in steel


Steel producers market on behalf of the Ukrainian Steel Construction Center (USCC) Association has supported the biggest European architecture conference on emerging technologies Architecture of the Future, which will be held in Kyiv from 9 to 11 October, 2019.

«Since it is architectural solutions that lay the foundation for the application of one or another type of design in the project, we allocate a significant role in the work of the USCC to systematic cooperation with architects. Our task is not just to provide information on the benefits of using steel structures, such as flexibility, speed, ease, efficiency, eco-friendliness, but also to provide comprehensive support at all stages of design.

By developing concepts to fit the needs of specific projects, we show to construction clients both these advantages and the economic benefits of steel structures usage.

The capabilities of metal as the main material for building frameworks in Eastern Europe are not sufficiently used by architects. We hope to change this and increase the consumption of steel structures in construction», – said Vyacheslav Kolisnyk, Executive Director of the Ukrainian Steel Construction Center Association.

The USCC Engineering Center offers the following services for architects:

– Consultations on the application of steel solutions for real estate market;

– Development of project concepts with comparative economy assessment;

– Off-the-shelf solutions projects using steel structures;

Fire protection consultancy;

– Conducting tenders for architectural design according to the requirements of the clients;

STEEL FREEDOM – Architecture contest for students and architects;

– Participation in the USCC Archi Club and special events;

– Thematic publications Steel constructions in architecture, Steel in the reconstruction of buildings, Principles of architectural and planning organization of multi-storey car parks.

Architecture of The Future 2019 will be held in Kyiv from 9 to 11 October, 2019 in the M82 Exhibition Centre. The main task of the conference is to study new approaches in architectural design under the influence of new disruptive technologies and gradual digitalization of all design processes.

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